Gary Brandt Sunwest Studios Hollywood 1969 Photo by Donn Landee

Alpha Studios Home studios 1980




a Small Worlds album:









Pen Culture Music A.S.CA.P. c2007

1. I can hear in my dreams

Special thanks to Phil Collen for Guitar Leads

2. All we ever knew - 3. Bugs in the field

4. Loves A Hook

Gary Brandt & Michael McCarty writers and vocals

5. Ticket To Light - 6. On the run

7. Summer Lane - 8. Tin Soldiers

9. Just Tell Me

10. Keep It Together

Thanks Xavier Calvera for Spanish vocals Also Ricky Furlani for guitar leads

11. I'll Be There You Know

Mark Davey & Gary Brandt writers

Michael McCarty & Everett Harding 1975

Phil Collen - Def Leppard 2005 - "Lead guitars on "Can Hear In My Dreams"

Casey Kelly 2005 - Backing Guitars where needed


AJ Trerotola /\ key overdubs

-Xavier Calvera /\ "Keep It Together"

















\/ /\ Mark Davey

G35< /\ '80s




AAlphAlpha Studios Magnolia Burbank 2004



-John Gulack - Original Small World Drummer